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It's not all about the money, but if we invest in your company you can expect to be well-funded.

Corporate Governance
We Offer Guidance

Mayside Partners offers guidance and support for your project, including webhosting, marketing, public relations and corporate oversight

Honesty, Integrity & Commitment
We Do What We Say

Once we give you our word, we'll have a commitment and unlike other VCs, creatures of Teutonic mythology, and the like, we will not back out or try to convert you into a loan arrangement.

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Welcome to Mayside Partners

Money holds significance; thus, if Mayside Partners choose to invest in your company or idea, you can anticipate substantial funding. However, our contributions extend beyond mere financial support. We provide guidance and assistance for your project, encompassing services such as web hosting, marketing, public relations, and corporate oversight.

We're Established

Mayside Partners has been making fearless investments for more than 45 years. Our principal is an American citizen who has been living in the UK since 1989 and so you get the best of both worlds with Mayside.

We're Risk-Takers

While we like sure things, there are very few of those, so we'll take a risk if you've got skin in the game too! That doesn't mean we're crazy, but we are willing to think outside the box, so to speak.

We're Creative

Mayside Partners is all about providing a complete service and so we have made stategic investments in businesses that will compliment whatever you're project involves.

Our Principal
Bill White

Bill WhiteBill White (Ram ben Ze'ev), a distinguished Jewish American venture capitalist, embarked on his journey in the United States, where he was born and raised, deeply proud of his Jewish heritage and committed to the American dream. In 1989, Bill's life took a significant turn when he made a bold move to the United Kingdom, driven by his enduring passion for entrepreneurship and investment, as he aimed to explore new horizons in venture capitalism. Throughout his career, Bill White has made substantial contributions to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in both the United States and the United Kingdom, thanks to his dual cultural identity that allows him to seamlessly bridge the gap between these economic powerhouses. He exemplifies the globalised nature of business and the interconnectedness of diverse communities. Bill's journey inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and showcases the vibrant tapestry of the Jewish American experience. His story embodies the values of innovation, resilience, and cross-border success, capturing the dynamic spirit of the 21st-century venture capitalist.

Read "Conservative Values", Bill's personal blog or find him on LinkedIn and Twitter/X.

What We Do
Our Services

Mayside Partners stands as a seasoned and well-established venture capital firm, boasting an impressive track record spanning over four and a half decades. With a legacy of innovation and investment, we have accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience that sets us apart in the dynamic world of venture capital. Our deep-rooted history and extensive industry knowledge empower us to provide invaluable insights, guidance, and opportunities to entrepreneurs and startups.


Mayside Partners does not offer loans. When we provide funding we require a preferred equity position consisting of non-deluting shares./p>

Public Relations

Public relations is critical to every company. Depending on your specific needs, together with WireNews and MEADHANAN, we can offer various campaigns for your goals.

Advertising & Marketing

MEADHANAN offers full service marketing and advertising options. Whether you're looking for online or realworld treatments, MEADHANAN can deliver exciting results.

Corporate Governance

It's important for investors to have oversight. It's critical for your company's progress that you maintain stringent oversight.

Mayside Partners offers a number of options, depending on where your company is in its development.

Non-Executive Directors

At some stage in your company's progress you may require an independent non-executive director; perhaps when an AIM or other public listing is being considered. We can provide you with an affordable option. Even if you're not one of our investments, but you require a non-executive director go here. [Sample Agreement]

Website Development & Hosting

If your project needs to design or redevelopment your online presence, or if you will benefit from free hosting, we can provide a full service through our agency, MEADHANAN.

Our Projects

Below is a collection of remarkable ventures we have supported and aided with our resources and expertise. These investments emphasise our dedication to nurturing innovation and facilitating positive transformations across various sectors. Our portfolio covers a broad range of endeavours, from pioneering technology startups reshaping the digital landscape to food service initiatives. By nurturing these projects, we foresee not only substantial financial gains but also an active role in advancing global development and promoting excellence.

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Bookkeeper/Accounts, Personal Assistant/PA, Web Developer/Designer



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Mayside Trust

Mayside Partners Limited is entirely owned by Mayside Trust, which was established to retain all of the company's preferred capital. Bill White serves as the Settlor of the Trust.

For additional information about the Trustees or the Trust's management, please utilise the contact form below or send an email to

All inquiries concerning the Trust must be submitted in writing.

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